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Europe’s Amazon Destination is a leading destination for sustainable cross-border tourism that preserves the natural and cultural heritage of its region and invites its explorers to slow down along the mighty rivers, reconnect with nature and recharge their batteries through incredible green local stories.

The Amazon of Europe is a destination that offers many activities, from cycling to canoeing or kayaking along the Mura, Drava and Danube, to unique authentic gastronomic, natural and cultural experiences with the locals that enrich your stay in the destination. Available
offers that can be booked:

  1. Cycling route “Amazon of Europe;
  2. Amazon of Europe Incredible moments of culture and nature
  3. Canoe trips on the Mura, Drava and Danube rivers.

We are very happy to be part of Smarter Amazon of Europe. Over the past year, the Bulgarian House website underwent a major transformation and got its own booking system! Thanks to SMARTER AOE for their support in making these changes possible. These improvements are aimed at making your experience interesting and better planned.

Our vision is to continue to provide new opportunities in the field of tourism with the help of the EU and EU funds. Visit Amazon of Europe as well as the Amazon of Europe Hub (AoE Hub).